Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds


Victor Hong

Having met countless homeowners (turned friends) from different walks of life over the last decade, I realised that homeowners are often troubled by aesthetics vs functionality. Such experience has enabled me to make accurate decisions for my clients, ensuring that they get the most ideal and optimal design with proper planning without compromising on both aesthetics and functionality.

A home is designed around emotional needs which will further elevate the people within it and bring upon harmonious bonding. I believe that everyone's home is a place to seek comfort and joy, where they look forward to going back everyday to spend time with their family.

“Everyone’s home is their castle”

Diploma in Interior Design | Co-lecturer for Interior Design in Singapore Polytechnic


Bryan Chen

Your home should portray "The story of who you are, and be a collection of what you are.”

I think it is ridiculous to lay down to people where a thing should stand, design everything for them from the lavatory pan to the ashtray. On the contrary, I prefer people to move their furniture so that it suits them (not me!), and it's quite natural (and I approve) when they bring the old pictures and mementos they have come to love into a new interior, irrespective of whether they are good taste or bad.

I think each element in your home should have its own placement and speaks of uniqueness.

I feel that smart design converts and changes according to needs. I would advise my clients as I do myself: rules are to be understood, then judiciously broken.

Jackie Tan

My design philosophy can be distilled into the following: modern, minimalist & functional. A good design should have clean aesthetics that reduce clutter and provide a well thought out solution in the simplest possible way.

I am also the founder of sustainable furniture brand: Triple Eyelid Studio in May 2014. Triple Eyelid salvages industrial waste materials such as pallet wood and upcycles them into furniture such as stools, tables, benches and racks.

My background in sustainable designs allows me to design interiors that improves the health and vitality of the homeowners that is good for the environment at the same time.

Diploma in Interior Design | B.Degree in Environmental Design | Adjunct lecturer for Interior Design in Singapore Polytechnic


Ezann Ng

I believe that good space planning is essential to improving your quality of life. Imagine having a home aesthetically designed to cater to your family and your needs, a central area for gathering and private areas for personal space, everyone and everything belongs. This balance makes coming home at the end of the day feels like a “recharge” to life.

A thoughtfully designed home is a safe haven because after all, home is where the heart is.

Every home is unique and I can’t wait to work with you on your home!

Diploma in Interior Design | Cat Lifestyle Advocate